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Ortho=straight Optics=eyes

Literally meaning straight eyes, an Orthoptist is specialised in testing, diagnosing and managing disorders.

An orthoptist is an allied health professional trained to assist Ophthalmologists during consultations and surgical procedures. They can investigate, diagnose and manage the visual function of adults and children and eye movement disorders.

Melbourne Eye Surgeons Orthoptists


Robyn Wallace

Robyn has over 30 years experience as an Orthoptist and has worked in a range of public and private clinical care and management roles.   Robyn has worked in Orthoptics in the U.K. for over 10 years, and has a special interest in ocular motility and strabismus.    She held the position as Head Orthoptist at the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital for several years, and continues to work there one day a week.  She has also been a lecturer at Latrobe University in ocular motility and neuro ophthalmology.   Robyn has a Graduate Diploma in Research Methods and a Diploma in Management.

Robyn is passionate about improving eye care in South East Asian countries and is a regular volunteer with charitable organisations involved in this work.    Her hobbies include spending time with her family, cooking, bushwalking, dancing and gardening.


Donna Corcoran

Donna is an Orthoptist who has worked with Wendy for many years and is highly qualified in the area of Orthoptics.   Donna Corcoran also assists with Wendy Marshman in theatre.


Rachel Zaki

Rachel Zaki is our full-time orthoptist and has graduated from La Trobe University Melbourne with a Bachelor of Science and Masters of Orthoptics degree.   She has had the opportunity to experience both public and private clinics not just around Melbourne but in New York City.   She has a true passion in eye care and loves dealing with patients of all ages.   She is also responsible for all surgical procedures in the clinic.    Not only does she love orthoptics but also enjoys baking all types of desserts and travelling.


Orthoptic consultations

Please  note that orthoptic consultations can be claimed from hospital insurance funds extras cover (if this is specified in your particular cover).








donna at eye chart

Robyn Wallace - Orthoptist


donna at eye chart

Donna Corcoran - Orthoptist


donna at eye chart

Rachel Zaki - Orthoptist


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